About Us

SochEye is the MPM (Multi Project Management) company, which deals to halt the diverse complexities of various organizations and individuals in current market trend. Yes, with the expertise ideation, We deal with various projects like HR consulting, organization’s process optimizations, education management system, e-learning platform and many more.

In recent days, organizations are facing several challenges to realize diverse and complex projects such as the introduction of a quality management, wide POLCs, handling HR, finance controlling, IT projects, core process optimizations, etc. Which are really unpredictable indeed. So, Our axiom is to support to envisioning all the chain process to all those organizations who are striving to give their best excellence service across their stakeholders. Whatever the problem that the companies are facing, our core value is to waive out their all the break points through our innovative ideation. As an MPM company, We can easily address your complex issues via our different platform without any ambiguity.